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Merk Process Mission Statement

1. We at Merk Process are committed to our past as a modern family enterprise!

We make long-term decisions for our future.
The employees feel responsible accompanying and restrained themselves.
There is a great proximity to the owners and a strong identification.
The company is run by a family member in front.

2. We at Merk Process are the world market leader for the supply of innovative vacuum drying systems and set standards!
We develop new, innovative products in a wide range of performance.
We offer the highest advisory skills.

3. We at Merk Process ensure what's new!
We refer our employees take an active role and take their ideas and those of our customers.
We succeed opportunities for technological innovation and encourage creative solutions.
We use systematically impulses from the outside and new technologies.
We work on new markets and customer segments.

4. We at Merk Process understand high quality as the basis for our actions.
Our products also fulfil in the long term the assured qualities.
Our products comply with the statutory provisions, the state of the art and the highest safety and reliability requirements.
Our processes are strictly aligned to our certified quality management system.
All of our employees are always very well trained and have a high quality awareness.
We setgreat importance to a high delivery reliability and we are working with the best suppliers.
We protect our environment and use resources economically.

5. We at Merk Process combine regional links with open-mindedness.
We are committed in our region.
We are investing in our site.

6. We at Merk Process comply with the traditional commercial virtues.
We stand by our strong statements and treat our business partners fairly.
We support our long-standing business partners also in difficult situations.
We pay attention to profitability and retain integrity our financial independence.

7. We at Merk Process offer an interesting working sphere with
varied possibilities of development.

We pay attractive wages and offer diverse high-class tasks.
We allow continuing education possibilities.

8. We at Merk Process persuade our customers with own staff and with
certified business partners.

We discuss with our customers competently and offer them technical as well as economically optimum solutions.
We put our equipments with success in operation and offer worldwide after-sales service.