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Adaptation service/pilot facilities - Our laboratory:

Whether you require feasibility studies for a process or optimization of process parameters; our laboratory is always at your service.
Our pilot facilities allow flexible use for all processes involving vacuum drying. Naturally, we perform custom tests with detailed recording and evaluation.
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We can perform the following processes in laboratory tests:

Drying processes:
- Freeze drying
- Vacuum drying
- Microwave vacuum drying

Experience with products:

Liquid, pasty products:
Baking mixtures, malted chocolate drinks, malt, coffee extract, fruit concentrates, vegetable concentrates, soup seasonings, meat extracts, products containing glucose, products containing soya, vegetable extracts, aromas, cosmetic products, dyestuffs, enzymes, fine chemicals, aromas, pharmaceutical products, proteins, products containing salt.

Pelletized products:
Fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables

Performance of tests:

Feasibility studies
Test documentation and evaluation
- Test description
- Process parameters
- Comparison of calculated and measured values
- Description of product characteristics
- Data logging with list of analog readings in MS-Excel


Stefan Schmiedlin
- Process Engineer / R+D Manager
Tel. +49 7763 / 9272 - 25