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vacuum drying cabinets
Vacuum Drying Cabinets (VDC):

vacuum drying cabinetVacuum drying cabinets serve for basic drying of temperature-sensitive concentrates and pasty mixtures of solid substances as well as granulates.

The properties of the dry product depend on the quantity of liquid they contain and the operating parameters which can be set on the equipment.

The desired requirements can be controlled and adapted to the greatest extent with the drying process.

In comparison to other types of driers, vacuum drying cabinets offer optimum possibilities for influencing the drying characteristics.

The following parameters can be optimized on Merk vacuum drying cabinets:

- Temperature and consistency of product to be dried
- Charging quantity
- Foaming of product when starting up
- Cake formation
- Vacuum and temperature curve

Advantages of Merk vacuum drying cabinets:
- No oxidation of product
- Low drying temperature
- Maintenance characteristics
- Aroma retention
- Fewer hygroscopic final products
- Defined short drying times
- No mechanical stress
- Closed system
- No product losses
- Various operating parameters
- Automatic operation
- Minimum energy requirement
- Environmentally friendly

vacuum drying cabinetThe vacuum drying cabinets consist of a closed housing containing the heating plates.
The product to be dried is filled into product trays outside the drying cabinet and then changed manually.

The type of drying is particularly suitable for products, which run through a sticky and/or high viscous phase during the drying process, as well as for mechanically and thermally sensitive products.

Laboratory-vacuum drying cabinet with safety hood and glove box connection for Laboratory-vacuum drying cabinetgentle drying of active substances:
  • CIP-compatible
  • Gap-free interior construction
  • Halarized product trays
  • Drip-free thermal oil supply
  • Conductive transport rollers suitable for pharmaceutical applications
  • Completely bonded insulation and welded chassis
  • Doors can be hinged on left or right sides
  • Special pivot arm for opening door in glove box mode
  • Inflating seal on safety hood and glove box